Warm wishes as we enter the Holiday Season

The finish line is in view!  Our excellent construction team from JW Fowler have continued to move the project forward. The installation of new utilities and rebuilding Claybourne Street for its future role as an entrance to the Garden has also progressed.   We have detail work which will not be complete until early 2021 but the long march to complete phase one is almost over.  You will be able to see how transformative your contributions were in bringing Leach to the top tier of Portland gardens.  

Thank you again.  And I hope you enjoy video number 13.

David Porter, Leach Garden Executive Director

Scroll below to check out previous Upper Garden construction project update videos.

Leach Garden Update 6-20-20 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Update 5-20-20 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Update 4-17-20 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Construction Update- Treewalk 1 3-13-20 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Update 2-24-20 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Update 1-18-20 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Construction update 12-16-19 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden construction update 11-24-19 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Construction- Update 11-7 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Garden Construction Update 2 from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

Leach Upper Garden Update 10-8-19 - HD 720p from Leach Botanical Garden on Vimeo.

construction FAQs

Are you open during construction?

Leach Garden will be open during construction although areas where work is taking place will not be accessible. The Garden offices and the Manor House and Gift Shop may be inaccessible during some parts of the construction. We will note such changes on the website when possible, but please note that construction schedules are subject to changes with short notice.

Where can I park?

Parking for the moment is available at the Creekside Parking across the Johnson Creek bridge from the Garden entrance. Two handicapped spaces at that entrance are also available at the moment. Parking on the street side on SE 122nd Dr. is legal unless posted otherwise. We will update any changes.

Can I still walk around the garden?

Yes! During the construction, areas of the Garden will be closed to the public as the construction unfolds. We will post notices on site and online as the project unfolds to provide updates on access.

View construction map HERE.

Can I still rent space at the garden?

Rentals in the Garden will continue to take place dependent on the dates and times. The best information about rental for a particular date can be obtained by emailing rentals@leachgarden.org or by leaving a message on our RENTAL line at 971-832-9081. The rental team will return your message as soon as possible.

What is being built?

Elements of this project phase will incude the Aerial Treewalk, Fireside Arbor and Terrace, Pollinator and Habitat Garden, Gathering Green, new accessible pathways, parking areas, and restrooms. A main path and staircase from the new entry will take people on a direct route from the Upper Garden to the Manor House. Claybourne Street will become the main entry to the Garden. The main part of the Garden will be fenced and gated. Also included is a new 24/7 pathway taking people from the intersection of SE 122nd and Claybourne down to the sidewalk outside the Manor House entry gates.

See more about the Upper Garden Development project in the Expansion Updates section of our BLOG page HERE.

Are trees affected by the construction?

Trees are affected by the construction. The vast majority of trees in the construction zone will be protected under the City of Portland standards. The Aerial Tree Walk is designed so as to have the least possible impact on trees. In the Upper Garden areas in the project zone, there are trees that will be removed. Importantly, large numbers of new trees will be planted as part of the project.

How long with the project take?

The Upper Garden project construction is expected to be completed by late fall of 2020. A firm date for a dedication ceremony and opening will be selected when we are closer to completion.

Questions about the project? Contact Ross Swanson: 503-823-3577
Questions about Leach? Contact the garden's administrative office: 503-823-1671 or use Contact form in main menu.

Upper Garden Development – December 2020

Construction video updates on Garden Expansion Phase One

Upper Garden Construction Updates

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Phase One Development

The first phase of development construction began in 2019. Highlights include:

Designing for the Future

Nearly eight acres in the undeveloped Upper Garden will offer new botanical and programmatic experiences to visitors and…

Leach Garden Friends awarded grant from M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

$130,000 capacity-building grant over 3 years; Introducing Virginia Brandabur, Visitor Services Manager

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