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Leach Garden’s sculptured seating

kicks off with four unique art pieces made for sitting.

Celebrate nature in art with our new Sculptured Seating Program.

Studios, an international architecture firm, has created these one-of-a-kind designs especially for Leach Garden. Their designs are inspired by the Garden’s defining characteristics: water, forest, and topography/geology.

Placed in scenic spots throughout the Garden, the designs blend seamlessly with the environment, complementing the movement of the landscape and enhancing the immersive experience.

There are several designs in each series. The program kicks off with four of them. As the benches are sponsored, new designs will become available for sponsorship

Visitors are drawn through the Garden, encountering art in nature and nature in art as they move from vista to vista, pausing at each sculptured seat to rest, gather inspiration and enjoy. What better way to connect people, plants, and place?

Sponsor recognition signage will be placed adjacent to each sculpted seat. Benches can be sponsored by an individual or a group. If the bench is donated in honor of someone, the honoree’s name as well as the sponsor name will be included. Sponsorships range from $12,000 — $18,000 and extend for a period of ten years with the option to renew.

Twist has been sponsored in honor of David Porter
Bend – $12,000
Rooted – $15,000
Meander – $18,000

Interested in sponsoring a seat? Send us an email at info@leachgarden.org.

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