February’s Quiet Winter Blooms

One typically does not think of a garden being particularly interesting in February, however as you make your way through the garden, you will be greeted with surprising blossoms, almost blossoms, and pockets of heady floral scents.
Botanic name: Lonicera standishii
Common name: Standish’s honeysuckle
Family: Caprifoliaceae

Walking down the garden hill toward the manor house, you will be treated to the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle. This winter blooming variety has already sprouted pairs of tubular white flowers amongst the dark green foliage. These will later form red berries, which are much loved by birds and small mammals.

Botanic name: Mahonia aquifolium
Common name: Oregon Grape
Family: Berberidaceae

This is the time of year to begin seeing Oregon’s state flower. While we often think of the grape-like berries and prickly leaves when this plant is mentioned, this time of year it sends out mildly fragrant yellow flowers. The plant gets from 3-6’ tall, so the flowers should be easy to see from the trail.

Botanic name:  Oxalis oregana
Common name: Redwood sorrel
Family: Oxalidaceae

While this low growing groundcover may look like clover, it is, indeed, not. This variety gets its name from its appearance at the base of redwoods, where few plants aside from ferns make a home.  Look for low growing, thick clumps of three-leaved stems with the occasional pink flower poking out. The leaves are quite responsive to light, and will change their leaf angle to suit their need.

Botanic name:  Sarcococca confusa
Common name:  sweet box
Family:  Buxaceae

As you stroll the garden trails, you will be greeted with a sweet vanilla scent.  That’s when you should look for sweet box. This time of year you will notice sprigs of small white tubular flowers hiding under dark, glossy evergreen leaves. It can get up to 7’ tall, so you should easily be able to view the flowers.   We love them for their sweet scent – birds love them for the dark berries that will take the flowers’ place later.

Botanic name: Saracococca hookerana v digyna
Common name: purple stem sweet box
Family:  Buxaceae

This sweet smelling shrub is lower growing – typically growing 2-3’.  You will find this one just across the trail from its relative, described above. 

You will know this plant by the pink tinged tubular tiny flowers on colorful burgundy-tinged stems, hiding under dark green, glossy ovate leaves.

Upper Garden Development – December 2020

Construction video updates on Garden Expansion Phase One

Phase One Development

The first phase of development construction began in 2019. Highlights include:

Leach Garden Friends awarded grant from M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

$130,000 capacity-building grant over 3 years; Introducing Virginia Brandabur, Visitor Services Manager

Designing for the Future

Nearly eight acres in the undeveloped Upper Garden will offer new botanical and programmatic experiences to visitors and…

Upper Garden Construction Updates

Community updates about Upper Garden construction project

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