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Leach Garden Mug + Coffee OR Mug + Tao of Tea: Leach Garden mug accompanied by Water Avenue’s Blue Creek coffee or your choice of tea from Tao of Tea.

Special Add-on Items: Add-on mug or honey.

Pick up from the garden will be arranged during the following Garden hours: 10 AM- 4 PM THURSDAY or SATURDAY, or 1-4 PM on SUNDAYS.


  • GARDEN PICK-UP will be arranged individually.
  • A SCHEDULED pick-up time along with detailed pick-up instructions will be confirmed by email after your order is received.
  • Please allow 24-72 hours for a follow-up confirmation as our staffing is limited due to COVID-19.
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Water Avenue Coffee prioritizes their local community and 90% or more of their coffee is hand-delivered to partners within a 50 mile radius of the roastery. They believe in environmental, social, and economic stewardship. Water Avenue’s passion for clear and clean waterways in Oregon inspired their house blend and morning cup of choice. Blue Creek 12 ounce bag of whole beans. Blue Creek Flavor profile: Seasonal coffees from Central and South America are blended together to create a cup that is rich, full-bodied, and wonderfully balanced, with tasting notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate and a hint of orange.

Tao of Tea is a leading purveyor of high quality, carefully selected teas, with an emphasis on sustainable farming and fair trade practices. Their emphasis is on old-style processing methods which vary with the region, plant variety, and harvest season. Choose from three unique teas in 15 count boxes with biodegradable pyramid sachets.

Selection of Teas:

Italian Earl Grey: Organic, robust Assam black tea blended in small batches with pure, steam-distilled Italian Bergamot essence of the highest quality. This blend offers a quintessential, pure Earl Grey taste. The Assam tea is sourced from Chota Tingrai, an estate in the Tinsukia district known for its environmental and social sustainability practices. Flavor profile: Full bodied, smooth with a fresh, citrus taste, and cool, lemony aroma.

Wild Black Tea: Wild Black makes an excellent breakfast tea due to its hearty, full bodied flavor. The leaves of are harvested from old growth tea trees and processed at a small tea farmers’ cooperative in Ha Giang, Northern Vietnam. Old growth refers to tea leaves grown on wild growing tea trees rather than more shrub-like tea bushes. Wild Black features long, stylish leaves, well-crafted into a robust black tea. Flavor Profile: Full-bodied, robust, amber-red brew with classic woodiness, mild dryness and an aroma similar to hibiscus.

Oregon Mint & Tulsi: Fresh Oregon Peppermint blended with Indian Tulsi, or “Holy Basil” to make a cooling, caffeine-free blend. Holy Basil is considered a sacred herb and is frequently used in Ayurvedic medicine. This flavorful brew won the 2017 New Product sofi™ award of the Specialty Food Association in the Hot Beverage Category. Flavor Profile: Minty, sweet, cool taste with an aroma reminiscent of fresh basil and cinnamon.

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Water Avenue Coffee – Blue Creek, Tao of Tea – Italian Earl Grey, Tao of Tea – Wild Black, Tao of Tea – Oregon Mint & Tulsi

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