November’s Fall Garden Treasure Hunt

To all eyes it would seem the garden is quieting down for the season, but if you look closely, you will see all kinds of activity. Here’s what Courtney and I found on our recent garden walk. Can you find these things in the garden? What else can you find in the garden this fall?

Ginkgo leaves drifting into mossy evergreens, and
mushrooms galore.

A lucky tree.

Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail)

Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom)

Look closely on your visit. There are treasures everywhere.

Merasmiellus​ candidus

Other small things

Berries for birds

What garden treasures can you find?


December is time for evergreens to shine….

Quiet Winter Blooms

One typically does not think of a garden being particularly interesting in February, however…

The Great Leach Garden Bamboo Mystery

In our August Garden Journal entry, we are focusing on the garden’s bamboo…


There are several different kinds of Hydrangeas that grow in our area….

Fabulous Fall Fruits

Look closely and you will see that the garden plays host to many autumn fruits that are easy to overlook…

Bee Loving Native Shrubs

June is a busy time for pollinators, and the garden offers many native shrubs for them…

What do they have in common?

These plants all have something in common other than being residents at the garden…

May Flowers

It’s that time of year! Pollinators and garden lovers rejoice, the blooms are here…

The Waking Garden

February may still seem like Winter here in Portland, but in the garden…

Pretty Pink Flourishes

Stroll through the garden and enjoy the many pink and white flourishes…

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