Ikebana with Nana Bellerud

February 20 – Ikebana in a Box

Registration for Feb 20 has closed

Please check back for future classes!

Create beautiful Ikebana (Japanese floral art) from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Nana Goto Bellerud, Branch Director of Sogetsu Portland, will guide you through the steps needed to produce a beautiful work of art using flowers and natural objects. You’ll also explore the artistic concepts of balance, contrast, and negative space.

Along with expert instruction, we’ll supply you with a box and materials, available for pick up at Leach Botanical Garden on Friday, February 19 between 9:30 am -3:30 pm.

Your own supplies to have on hand include a pair of clippers, a pitcher of water, a cutting bowl, a small container, a towel, and writing materials. Garden shears, scissors or even a knife will work if you don’t have clippers.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send an email with more details about the class, Zoom and supplies.

About the instructor:

Nana Goto Bellerud has studied Ikebana since 2005 and has been the past president of Ikebana International Portland Chapter# 47. She demonstrates, exhibits, and teaches Ikebana at a wide range of venues including the Portland Art Museum, Portland Japanese Garden, and Leach Botanical Garden. She continues to be inspired and have new insights from its teachings, and seeks to intrigue and inspire others. Nana creates and posts daily Ikebana on Instagram @nana_bellerud and has been teaching via live interactive video since the pandemic hit.

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