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designing for the future

Upper Garden Development – December 2020

Construction video updates on Garden Expansion Phase One

Leach Garden Friends awarded grant from M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

$130,000 capacity-building grant over 3 years; Introducing Virginia Brandabur, Visitor Services Manager

Upper Garden Construction Updates

Community updates about Upper Garden construction project

Phase One Development

The first phase of development construction began in 2019. Highlights include:

Designing for the Future

Nearly eight acres in the undeveloped Upper Garden will offer new botanical and programmatic experiences to visitors and…

Garden Updates

Shinrin-Yoku Guided Walks

Shinrin-Yoku Guided Walks

By slowing down and being present, we offer our bodies, minds, and hearts a nourishing break from the daily stress and challenges we are currently facing.
Join us November 1 and 8 for a Forest Bathing experience.

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2019 Year in Review

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