About Our Garden

In 1931, John and Lilla Leach purchased the 4.5 acres and named it Sleepy Hollow. John, a pharmacist, and Lilla, an accomplished botanist, devoted their land to their fascination with plants.

Garden History

The story of John and Lilla Leach is a compelling one – one linked with early Oregon history, science (Lilla the botanist), business/commerce (John the druggist), civic-minded citizens (YMCA & Rose Festival, Leach Garden as botanical park), writers (both Lilla & John), humorist  and historian (John) and an inspiring love story. Who could ask for more?

Our Mission

Leach Garden Friends maintains and enhances Leach Botanical Garden’s living collections of plants for the purposes of education, research and conservation and preserves the legacy of the Garden’s founders, John and Lilla Leach.

Board & Staff

Our amazing team of passionate nature enthusiasts continuously turn our vision into reality. Come meet them!

We Are Different,
We Like It That Way

We Aspire to Be…

Portland’s botanical and cultural garden, a treasure connecting people, place and plants through discovery and delight. Our botanical garden  highlights northwest native plants and features other unique collections including ferns, and spring ephemerals.


  • A horticultural resource for both casual and serious gardeners.
  • A hands-on laboratory for environmental education that encourages engagement with the physical sciences.
  • A model and demonstration site of environmental sustainability.
  • An historic site celebrating John & Lilla Leach and their contributions to Pacific Northwest botany and to the southeast Portland community.
  • A regional destination.
  • A place of beauty, respite, and reflection.
  • A special place for families to gather and create memories.

Learn More About US

Garden Events

For over thirty-five years, Leach Botanical Garden has invited visitors to enjoy the Garden through an annual cycle of Garden Events. Some of these events are vitally important because they help to raise funds to support the Garden’s operation. The annual Plant Sale, English Teas and Summer Lecture Series are popular examples.

Education Department

Leach Botanical Garden is a great place to learn through outdoor experiences: from gardening practices to guided tours to a variety of art classes, the Garden offers many educational opportunities for all ages. It is a significant public garden in SE Portland with a botanical collection from around the globe. It is a treasured public resource that is always growing.

Expansion Updates

View the latest status updates as we continue to build the new upper-garden area of the property, browse popular FAQs regarding parking and visitation during construction phases and even learn about future activities coming when the expansion work is completed. 


How We’re Funded

We rely upon a mix of donations, sales, membership, volunteerism and grants to operate and grow. The majority of monetary support we receive is directly from the generous community of like-minded people and businesses in the Portland area. Whether you choose to show your support through hands-on involvement, financial contributions, or both, we appreciate you more than we’re able to express on a simple webpage. Please come visit us again soon to see your impact in person!

  • Contributions & Grants
  • Fundraising Sales & Events
  • Classes and Rentals

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