Ways You Can Help Us

Leach Botanical Garden only exists today because of the individual commitment of many people. For the past thirty years, Leach Garden Friends has kept the Garden open to the public and true to the legacy of John and Lilla Leach, who created the spirit of “Sleepy Hollow” and collected and planted the botanical specimens which make this place unique.  


Today approximately one hundred active volunteers and over five hundred members and business sponsors carry that tradition forward. This support is critical to Leach Botanical Garden as we begin to shape its next thirty years.


Together, we’re working to ensure that the Garden reflects values which are part of the Leach legacy. The Board of Directors has articulated these values as follows:


Stewardship: cultivate and nurture a living legacy.
Connection: celebrate the relationship of humans to nature.
Inspiration: excite the imagination.
Curiosity: stimulate engaged learning.
Discovery: promote involvement in the natural sciences.
Beauty: provide a place of tranquility and respite.
Inclusion: create a welcoming space where all belong.
Collaboration: maximize resources to ensure excellence.
Sustainability: operate with fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Tax ID Number

Donations to Leach Botanical Garden (#93-0807685) are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.