Web Team

We would like to thank the dedicated and talented members of our Web Team.  Without their countless volunteer hours and donations our site would not have been possible.  Each of them has become a good friend to the Garden.  Thanks as well to our colleagues at Hoyt Arboretum for their permission to use elements of the Hoyt website in our work- an excellent example of collaboration and cost-effectiveness.


Alex Ladizinsky, Alex Ladizinsky Graphic Design


Alison Pyle, Website Consultant


Karen Groves, Web Designer/Developer   http://grovesdesign.net/


Thanks also to Jordan Lev, Web Developer for his contributions to the site and for his asisstance about all things concrete5. 


Special thanks as well to the volunteer photographers who have provided substantial amounts of visual content enriching this site.  Mary Edmeades, Nan Finch, Diana Karabut and Alex Ladizinsky.  Permission to use or reproduce their work may be obtained by contacting us.  


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